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Eye, A Self Portrait Age 52 and Age 8

Paula Lalala is an American interdisciplinary artist. Emanating from the subjective point of view, her artwork takes many forms and is comprised of very personal spiritual, social, and psychological investigations.

Born in 1966, Paula grew up in Texas as a devout Christian Fundamentalist. Throughout childhood and adolescence she experienced numerous traumatic events while living a suburban, middle-class American lifestyle which included swimming, horseback ridding, and girl scouts. She survived life on the streets as a teenage runaway. Paula discovered art when she was seventeen years old and has been working passionately ever since. She has a true love and is a grandmother.

As an alternative to certainty, hierarchy, and authoritarianism, she generates work to connect with and honor life’s mysterious forces, the unknowable, the emotional, and the collective unconscious.

Outlandish Stroll:

Outlandish Stroll 2016, photo by Z. Donovan
Outlandish Stroll 2016, photo by Z. Donovan

Outlandish Stroll is an occasional walk through various environs. It always entails creative attire. It includes one to vast numbers of participants.

Psychological states / healing states:






A series of  psychologically charged self portraits and reciprocal nature based images.

Layers Of The Self:

Layers Of The Self

Each person is comprised of many layers.

       Essay: Moving Beyond Trauma

A huge percentage of people worldwide have experienced trauma to varying degrees. May we all learn from our experience and help to make the world a safer place.

Website: Family Realm

Family Realm

Origins of Mobile Home Master Bedroom Installation

Mobile Home Show, 2014


Self Portrait in Black Mirror


Website: The Commission ProjectAir Water Trees Mountains Sky Clouds; Upstate NY_Paula Lalala_2015


Website: The Landscape Preservation Society

CWV Butterfly—–

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Self Portrait Upside Down In Pearls And Gold_Paula Lalala_2019


Women Artists Meeting, Eating, and Reading

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graces / girls



overcoming sexual violence




self portraits – photos & drawings


stages of life

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